(Press release from office of Assembly Member Adam C. Gray, 21st Assembly District)

(Sacramento) – To a standing ovation, Assemblymember Adam C. Gray (D-Merced) honored four individuals on the floor of the California State Assembly today whose brave actions during a knife attack at the UC Merced campus last year saved countless lives.

“Without regard for their personal safety, this incredible group of people stood up for their friends, their community, and – in many ways – for all of us,” said Gray. “As their families look on from the gallery – it is my honor and privilege to introduce Tyler Patton, Byron Price, Brady Amaral, and Officer Olaf Lopez.”

Tyler Patton was one of a dozen students cornered in a classroom by the attacker who picked up a chair and used it to keep the attacker away from other students. Byron Price was working at the campus when we heard screams coming from the classroom and entered the room to confront what he thought was a fistfight between students. The attacker fled, but not before Brady Amaral sounded the alarm and cleared the hallways and areas around the classroom. Olaf Lopez is an officer with the UC Merced Police Department who neutralized the attacker.

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke joined the group at the Capitol and presented each individual with a certificate in honor of their actions.

“I really think God sent down four angels to protect the community of that college,” said Warnke. “Because of the interaction with these four individuals, it disrupted a terrible terrible plan. The right thing happened because of these four people.”

“This incredible group of people made the difference that day,” continued Gray. “Thank you for your strength, your courage, and your example. You embody what it means to be strong – UC Merced Bobcat Strong.”

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