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Man attempts to flee from Atwater PD through bedroom window

Official press release from the Merced Police Department:

On January 10th, 2018 just before 9:00 PM, Atwater PD officers responded to an address in an effort to serve an outstanding felony warrant on a subject who resided there and who the reporting party confirmed was at the location. Upon arriving at the home Officer Vierra was directed to a bedroom where he was told the subject was inside of. Officer Vierra contacted Angel Carabello inside of the bedroom and informed him that he was being placed under arrest for an outstanding no-bail warrant out of Santa Clara County. Carabello then attempted to gain access to the bedroom window in an attempt to flee. Officer Vierra attempted to take Carabello into custody however Carabello began resisting and continued his efforts to flee out of the window. Officers Wisdom and Mann arrived to assist and all of the officers struggled with Carabello for several minutes however Carabello refused to submit to their repeated commands to stop resisting so he could safely be placed into custody.

A taser was used at one point but had little to no effect on Carabello. Officers were eventually able to gain control of him and place him into handcuffs. Two of the officers received minor injuries as a result of the struggle and were treated at the hospital. Carabello was also treated at the hospital for cuts to his face received during the struggle before he was booked into the Merced County Jail on the outstanding warrant as well as fresh charges for resisting arrest.

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