This Week’s “GOOD” Rated-Restaurant Report: Five Guys

In response to reader request, this week will feature BOTH “Good”-Rated and “Unsatisfactory”-Rated Restaurants.

Five Guys, located at 3572 G St. in Merced at the Raley’s Shopping Center, has gone through two Merced County Dept. of Environmental Health Inspections since they opened and has received ZERO violations of any kind.

The Health Dept. uses a scale of 1 to 13 points to determine the if a restaurant is in compliance (1-6=good, 7-13=satisfactory, 14+=unsatisfactory).

However, a few weeks prior to opening it June of 2016, it appears there were some construction-related issues and they received an “unsatisfactory” rating, which was quickly addressed.

Good job Five Guys!

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