Attempted Child Kidnapping Reported in Merced, Be On the Lookout for White SUV

This morning there was a reported kidnapping attempt in Merced. A message went home to parents today, here was the message transcribed (below video) from Rivera Middle School principal Sergio Mendez. Law Enforcement has been notified and is investigating the incident.

4 p.m. “Hello Parents, this is Principal Mendez calling with important information about an incident near one of our bus stops this morning. A student reported a man in a white SUV asked her to get into the vehicle with him near Cabot and Beachwood. Fortunately, our student did everything right and the vehicle left the area. Authorities were contacted immediately and we are fully supporting their investigation. Thankful this situation ended as it did and all of us here at Rivera will remain vigilant to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. This may also be a good time to remind your child about what they should do if approached by a stranger. They should never approach a vehicle anywhere with a person they don’t know. It’s also a good idea to have a family code word that can be used during an emergency or use a buddy system when walking to school or waiting at a bus stop. Avoid walking in low-light areas or areas where there is no pedestrian traffic such as alley’s or abandoned buildings. Children should also report any suspicious activity immediately.

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