The Merced Masked Hugger

You never know how much your actions can help other people!

Photo of the WEEK! Today, in front of Ross Dress for Less in Merced, Jonah Howard captured this remarkable photo of a young woman offering free hugs.

Her sign reads “I trust you. You trust me? Hug me.”

For Jonah it was a special moment. He wrote in a message to, “For me it was more than just a gesture of trust. But recently i have come out as transgender and have been estranged by my family and I’m not from Merced so I don’t have many friends here. In such a revelating yet hard time in my life she not only hugged me but like she knew she told me “you are special, you are blessed” it really meant a lot to me. I thank this woman for her trust and the words.”
Jonah says there was also a young man in front of Ross offering free hugs. The photo was taken around noon today. If you know who the young woman and her fellow masked hugger are, please message us. We would LOVE to talk to them!

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