Guest Article: Elmer Wood Elementary collected six hundred ninety-one pounds of food

Local Atwater elementary school, Elmer Wood conducted a food drive
lead by the Elmer Wood Student Council and its president, Martin

¨The Elmer Wood students collected food to help those in need of
help,” Martin stated.

Elmer Wood had started the canned food drive on the November 13th and
ended on November 17th. The elementary school received six hundred
ninety-one pounds worth of non-perishable foods graciously donated by
its transitional kindergarten class through sixth grade students.

The food will be given to the Church of God located in Winton,
California. This location was suggested by one of Elmer Wood´s office
secretaries, Elizabeth Montano.

¨I have seen first hand how the church helps people in our
community,¨ Mrs. Montano answered as to why she suggested this
location. The Church of God is a non-profit association that helps
locals on the streets, provides help for drug or alcohol
rehabilitation, and helps people with depression. The Pastor of the
Church’s name is Juan Uriostegui.

Martin Corona is happy with the success of the school´s fundraiser
and stated, ¨I´m proud of our Elmer Wood students for providing a
great amount of help.¨

Guest Article – Adrian Navarro

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