Atwater High students, staff recruiting Ellen DeGeneres to support “Miracles Do Happen” event

Atwater High School students and staff are actively reaching out to Ellen DeGeneres through social media. Their goal is to bring Ellen to Atwater for their annual “Miracles Do Happen” event, which takes place during the holiday season.

Students and staff have been tweeting her and tagging her repeatedly since yesterday with this post:

“Five years ago, students found an opportunity through Miracles Do Happen. Students and staff members are given the opportunity to submit wishes, be it for themselves, friends or family members in need. These wishes are then sorted through to determine which of them we will be able to grant. Although we would love to grant every wish submitted, coming from a low income community makes it nearly impossible.

Our already limited funding comes from fundraising and local small businesses who are kind enough to make donations. Once we are able to come up with sufficient funds we put on an exclusively student ran assembly that welcomes not only our students and staff but community and family members as well. Seeing the looks on the gift recipients faces who are overwhelmed with emotions is undeniably eye opening to everyone involved. We’ve been able to grant wishes ranging from a pair of shoes that a student could not afford to a Disneyland trip to a family who is facing a crisis and even a prosthetic leg that one of our student’s family members was in much need of. Every year we sort through wishes coming from families with heart wrenching stories that we simply can not afford. We are looking for your help to prove that in our community and our country Miracles CAN happen.”


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