Ashley Sanders pleads Not Guilty in Merced first-degree vehicle murder case

Ashley Sanders, 24, plead not guilty today in Merced County Superior Court before Judge Mark Bacciarini for the alleged murder in which she killed Tiara Gallashaw with her vehicle. Her next court date is scheduled for Nov. 16th and she remains in custody on $1 million bail.

On March 19th at approximately 1900 hours the Merced Police Department dispatch center received several calls of a large fight in progress in the area of Martin Luther King Blvd. and 19th Street. As officers were being dispatched to the scene they received updated information that a female suspect in a red car just ran over someone and also hit several vehicles with the car as she was attempting to leave the scene.

As officers arrived in the area they spotted a red 2013 Dodge Avenger at 19th and I Street that was being driven by Ashley Sanders. Sanders was the solo occupant of the vehicle and officers noticed a large amount of damage to her car. They also found a woman lying in the street that was an obvious need of medical attention and witnesses told officers that Sanders just ran over this victim with her car and left the scene. Emergency medical services arrived on scene and transported the victim to a Modesto area hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

Officers describe the scene has being very chaotic and a large group had gathered in the street.

Officers were able to take Ashley Sanders into custody without incident. Crime scene investigators spent several hours at the scene interviewing witnesses and reviewing evidence. Apparently the suspect struck more than one vehicle with her car during the incident. Sanders was eventually booked into the Merced county jail on homicide charges.

According to numerous witnesses who have contacted Allmercednews, Gallashaw was one of numerous people who were attacking Sanders with baseball bats.  Sanders got into her car to escape the attack and pulled into a driveway, then turned onto the grass/curb and hit Gallashaw, who flew over the car.  Sanders then backed up to take off and ended up running over Gallashaw again, then tried to leave before being stopped by Merced Police and apprehended. Gallashaw was transported to a Modesto hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

Gallashaw leaves behind one daughter.  She was shot while seven months pregnant on February 12, 2015 but survived and was able to give birth to her daughter just two months later.

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