2006 Buhach Grad, now a nurse, helping hurricane victims in her native Puerto Rico

Chessie Garcia, a 2006 Buhach Colony High School graduate, also a native Puerto Rican, is currently on the island in the city of Tao Alta helping in hurricane Maria recovery efforts.

After Hurricane Maria devastated her homeland, Chessie decided it was time to pack up and go offer her nursing services to her native home. This week, Chessie joined other registered nurses through the Registered Nurse Response Network and headed to Puerto Rico to help. Yesterday she helped locate enough bleach for 230 water bottles. That provides enough to purify 150,000 Gallons of water!

On Monday she posted an update on conditions in Tao Alta.

“After almost 3 weeks post hurricane- Water is scarce, people are getting sick. Governments are continuing to play politics while people suffer. People are not being seen. San Juan is in excellent condition compared to the rest of the island. We are going through as many communities and municipalities we can to treat acute patients but most importantly to educate on prevention of water borne illnesses such as leptospirosis. Majority of the people have no water except for what they get from random truck deliveries with a cistern tide to the back or from local rivers and creeks with contaminated water. Don’t let what you see on tv suggest any less that these people need to be shown some basic human decency and get resources to them. Houses full of black mold. Elderly not being able to leave or having to depend on neighbors for help. Devastating. People are writing “SOS Water” everywhere for the choppers to see.”

In 2013 Chessie graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She is a registered nurse for Kaiser, runs her own bakery, Chessie’s Dreamery, and recently completed her first Spartan Trifecta race.

Chessie is selfless and giving in a way we can look up to.

Please donate to hurricane relief for nurses in Puerto Rico here.

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