Local K-12 CAASPP student testing scores are in, results are revealing

Last week the California Department of Education released scores for the online California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests in English language arts and mathematics.

By any measure, the results for Merced City Schools and Merced Union High School district reveal one common truth; the vast majority of our local schools are trailing the rest of the state in testing scores.

In fact, only five out of 32 schools in the entire Merced/ Atwater city area beat state overall averages for BOTH math and ELA. They include Chenoweth Elementary, Burbank Elementary in Merced. And, Wood, Peggy Heller and McSwain Elementary schools in Atwater. None of the middle schools or high schools beat state averages in both math and ELA. (If your child’s school is not listed below, you can search results form the Dept. of Education here.)

Here are the results:

Results are listed as follows:

School (Percent of students meeting or exceeding state standards for math and English)


All Grades- Statewide: (math: 37.56, ELA: 48.56)- See table 1 and 2 here


Merced City School District:


Elementary Schools

Ada Givens (20.85/37.93)

Alicia Reyes (16.62/25.14)

Allan Peterson (42.51/47.33)

Charles Wright (18.36/28.74)

Don Stowell (11.42/18.48)

Donn B. Chenoweth (39.57/51.43)

Joe Stefani (22.42/36.42)

John C. Fremont (17.37/34.97)

John Muir (21.18/38.12)

Leontine Gracey (14.94/24.86)

Luther Burbank (48.56/55.82)

Margaret Sheehy (14.92/22.86)

Rudolph Rivera (31.48/43.80)


Merced Middle Schools

Herbert H. Cruickshank (27.12/46.1)

Herbert Hoover (15.05/32.85)

Rivera Middle (20.03/41.92)

Tenaya Middle (11.49/26.64)


Atwater Elementary District:

Aileen Colburn (36.24/46.28)

Bellevue (24.65/33.06)

Elmer Wood (40.64/53.71)

Mitchell (39.84/48.34)

Peggy Heller (40.94/61.25)

Shaffer (29.23/42.81)

Thomas Olaeta (39.17/47.32)


Atwater Middle Schools

Bellevue Senior (21.79/33.06)

Mitchell Middle (31.49/52.78)


McSwain Elementary District (Includes K-8)



High Schools (Merced and Atwater Only)

*Note* Students tested in 11th grade for high school

Atwater High (20.93/50.13)

Buhach Colony High (19.23/55.23)

El Capitan High (23.86/59.25)

Golden Valley High (18.27/55.56)

Merced High (25.4/45.23)

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