Letter to the Editor: I think Caucasians are discriminated against too

I’m Caucasian and in my opinion Caucasian people are just as discriminated against as minorities. The people that are claiming all white people are racist are actually being racist themselves. They’re some incidents where I’ll be at a store and someone will say something vulgar towards me, and I didn’t even do anything.

Yes, I take pride in my race, everyone should. There’s a difference between White Pride and White power. I have White pride, ┬ájust like someone who has Black pride, Latino pride, or Asian pride. I have an American Flag outside my house because I love my Country, just like another race would have theirs hanging outside. As far as myself being discriminated against, I guess it’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s just going to get worse.

-Submitted by (writer requests to remain anonymous)

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