Letter to the editor: Watch where you park near Merced College

I live near Merced College, and when school starts back up all the college students try to park in the neighborhood across the street (M st). The problem is that all of the courts in this neighborhood are permit parking only and you have to have a permit from the city, not from the school. If you park without that permit there, Merced Police will give you a $50 traffic ticket. The meter maid rides around every day giving hundreds of tickets to these college students because they can’t read the signs that are posted on every single court. Parking permit zone signs are everywhere and it doesn’t seem to prevent them from doing this. I’m sure many of them can not afford the $50 parking violation which will show up on their driving record and thus cause their auto insurance to go up on renewal.

Please make sure you are not parking in these areas if you don’t have the proper permit!

-writer requested to be anonymous

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