Courtney Cole and Wynonna Judd deliver fantastic entertainment to appreciative audience in Merced

Thursday night’s concert at the Merced Theater was fantastic, with Courtney Cole opening for Wynonna. She is from New Orleans and now lives in California. Wynonna is married to her drummer and the love they have for each other was obvious in their music performances. Wynonna sang some of her new songs as well as a short run through some of her past hits.

In between songs, a very young voice could be heard, “Wynonna, I love you.” Wynonna stopped playing and asked if it was a child yelling that. It was 4 year old Bella who came to see the show and deliver a note to her. Wynonna met with Bella on stage and took a selfie with her. You could tell Bella was star struck, as well as her mother. She engaged with her audience with her amazing performance. Wynonna’s voice was power-packed with that unforgettable gravel to it.

Not only was the music great, but her stories told between songs kept the audience very amused. She is quite the comedian! The Merced Theatre has done another superb job bringing a great show to Merced. If you missed Wynonna’s show last night, be sure to check out the next up and coming performances taking place right here in Merced. They truly put on a great show and bring the best of entertainment. You can visit their website here.

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