Restaurant Inspection Results for Merced County 2017

Any business that sells or prepares food must be inspected annually, including all schools and hospitals. According to the Merced County Department of Public Heath, the primary purpose of the food protection and inspection program is to protect the public from foodborne illnesses and assure that food provided for human consumption is wholesome, properly labeled, advertised and produced under conditions which are safe and sanitary.

Establishments that are inspected receive penalties for each violation, and those points are added up and result in the following outcome:

0-6 Points: Good
7-13 Points: Satisfactory
14+ Points: Unsatisfactory

Some of the most common violations businesses are penalized for including storing food at unsafe temperatures, not having proof that employees have the proper ServSafe certifications, storing food containers directly on the floor (required to be at least 6″ above the floor), and not keeping food storage or prep areas clean.

As of today’s date, 18 restaurants and stores have been labeled Unsatisfactory this year. We have listed the most notable Unsatisfactory restaurants /stores according to Merced County – Environmental Health – Food Inspections

Florencio’s Mexican Restaurant (731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste D, Merced, CA)

Observed the temperature of the guacamole in the prep table to be at 54 degrees F.
Repeat: Other food items in the unit ranged between 43 -50 degrees fahrenheit. The bottom section of the prep table was recorded at 43 degrees F. Adjust the unit to provide a temperature of 41 degrees or lower. All food items over 50 degrees F were discarded.

Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant(3144 N. G St. Ste 155, Merced, CA)

Repeat: Observed the temperature of the foods was measured between 54-67 °F. Keep all cold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41°F. Adjust and / or repair this unit; do not use it for the display of PHF (potentially hazardous food) items until it is shown to consistently capable of holding food at or below 41ºF at all times. Out of temperature items relocated to walk in cooler. Items out of temperature by more than 10°F were voluntarily destroyed and denatured.

Observed meats sitting directly on the floor in the in the walkin refridgerator. Ensure that all food is stored on smooth and easily cleanable storage surfaces that are a minimum of six inches off the floor.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (180 W Olive Ave., Merced, CA)

Observed a measuring cup with grease build up. Increase cleaning to prevent a build up of debris and grease.

Observed the build up of residue in the front refrigerator used to keep cups.
Observed the build up of grease on the fryers and other equipments.

Repeat: Observed the cutting board at the prep table is grooved and no longer constitute a smooth and easily cleanable surface.

Mario’s Taco Shop #1 (51 W. 16th St., Merced, CA)

Observed the temperature of the chicken quarters was measured at 67 °F. Keep all cold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41°F. Items out of temperature by more than 10°F were voluntarily destroyed and denatured.

Sonic Drive-in (1751 Bellevue Road, Atwater, CA)

Observed kitchen employee who, when questioned, was unaware of required wash / rinse / sanitize steps, the type of sanitizer, or the location of the testing strips. Also reviewed appropriate food delivery to cars, and reminded managers that food that has been delivered by an employee to one consumer cannot be reused or redelivered to another consumer. Improve employee training related to wash / rinse / sanitize steps, and review the prohibition against the re-service or re-use of food items. Employees inadequately trained.

The Full List

1.Fail’s Donut & Mini Mart  – Hilmar 8414 Lander Ave.

2. Florencio’s Mexican Restaurant – Merced 731 E. Yosemite Ave. Ste D

3.Energy & Fitness 91  – Merced 1950 Yosemite Pkwy Ste B

4. Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant  – Merced 3144 N. G St. Ste 155

5. Togo’s of Merced  – Merced 3146 N G St. Ste 107

6. La Hacienda 2 – Merced 3355 N. G St.

7. Kentucky Fried Chicken  – Merced 180 W Olive Ave.

8.Detail Branding Iron  – Merced 640 W 16th St

9. Frutas Express  – Merced 206 Merced Mall

10. Mario’s Taco Shop #1  – Merced 51 W. 16th St.

11. Ballico School  – Ballico 1818 W. Gregg St

12. Jay & Stacey 261, Inc dba. Kentucky Fried Chicken  – Merced 1616 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

13. Choice Food Market  – Merced 836 T St.

14. Del Toro Market  – Winton 7516 Shaffer Road

15. Jessi’s Market  – Merced 110 E. 13th St.

16. Petro Diner  – Santa Nella 28991 W Gonzaga Road

17. Sonic Drive-in  – Atwater 1751 Bellevue Road

18. Mountain Mike’s Pizza  – Los Banos 509 Pacheco Blvd

*The inspection reports are all listed on the county website for the public to view at the following  We encourage you to read the reports of your favorite restaurants before visiting them to ensure that there aren’t numerous violations that could put the health of your or your family at risk.


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