Update on officer-involved shooting in Los Banos

At a press conference held this afternoon, Los Banos Police Officer Gary Brizzee provided an update about this morning’s shooting in which two officers and a suspect were shot.

At approximately 6:30 am today, a juvenile called 911 to report that her father was tresspassing and had gained entry to the house through a window. The investigation into the shooting revealed that the suspect had not lived in the house for about a year and he was separated from his wife.

Officers arrived on scene and made contact with the reporting party’s children in the home where he encountered the 39 year-old male in the kitchen near the front door.  The offficer attempted to convince the suspect to step outside so the two could speak, but the suspect was argumentative and would not comply with the officer’s request.

A struggle ensued between the officer and the suspect which resulted in the officer deploying his taser. After the deployment, the suspect proceeded to remove the taser prongs and continued to resist the officer.  A second officer arrived on scene, and together they attempted to restrain the suspect.  A second struggle occurred, at which point both the officers and the suspect were shot.

The officers and the suspect were transported to Modesto-area hospitals, and the suspect later died. One officer was shot in his upper torso, and the other officer was shot in the leg, torso, and head. Both officers remain hospitalized and have been listed in stable condition. One officer has been with the department for one year, and one has been with the department for six years.

This has been a tremendously tough day for the Los Banos Police Department, and they would like to extend their gratitude for the support they have received from their law enforcement partners up and down the Valley. The men and women in the department are resilient, and they will get through this together.

The identity of the suspect has not yet been released, and further details will be provided as the investigation continues.

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