IRS phone scam circulating through Merced County


The District Attorney’s office has been made aware of an IRS phone scam circulating through Merced County. If the call is not answered, they are leaving messages saying that the IRS has issued an arrest warrant for them, their physical property is being monitored, and providing instructions to call back before further action is taken.

The caller ID showed the phone call was coming from Kirkland, Washington and the number was (425) 448-7723. When an investigator from our office called the number back, he spoke to a person who said they were located in Washington DC, but could not confirm their address, building number, or any other information that a legit IRS employee would have.

It was confirmed with an IRS employee that they contact people who owe money by sending a letter and will never contact you via phone or email. However, there are some situations that the IRS will reach out via phone or email, but you will know it is legit because they will leave their badge number and include notes on your account so when you call the 1-800 customer service number, the operator can see that the call was made to you internally.

PLEASE BE AWARE AND ALERT when answering phone calls or calling back numbers that you don’t recognize. If you do happen you answer a phone call that you are not sure about, we encourage you to ask questions and do research before you give out any information. Ask if you can call them back and get a number. If they decline or are hesitant to provide contact information, discontinue the call. Most legit companies that call you will never ask for personal information over the phone. Most importantly, if you feel like something is not right or does not make sense, trust your instincts and do not give them any information, no matter how small you think that it is.


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