Letter to the Editor: I got scammed by band booked for a party

I hired this guy to perform for my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday last month. After we signed a contract (for $1500) and gave him a deposit ($350) we thought everything was good. About two weeks before the event, a lady sent me a text, said he will be unable to do our event, and if we wanted our deposit back we would have to give them our bank account number. My wife told her that she is uncomfortable giving out such private information, and the lady became upset saying “what you don’t trust us?”

When my wife suggested Western Union, she kept insisting on getting our bank account information if we wanted our money back. My wife once again declined giving out her private information and the lady wouldn’t respond. When my wife called her it was pretty much the same conversation, so the lady hung up and wouldn’t answer.

A couple of weeks later I called from a different number and  I was able to get Armondo on the phone. He said, “I got your money I got your money. Give me your bank number and I’ll deposit it to your account.” I wasn’t giving that info either so my wife was able to get ahold of the guy who referred us to this Armando. That guy called Armando, and Armando said he would give the money to him to give to us on June 21st. Well, the 21st comes around then the 22nd and still no word. I try to call Armando again and the phone was disconnected. He also blocked us on Facebook.

I want everyone to know that if you’re thinking about hiring a band, you are taking a big chance. With Armando we are out $350 that we worked hard for. I have no idea how many people he could have done this to. He has several Facebook and Instagram accounts. I would hate for him to do this again to other hard-working people. He lives somewhere in Modesto but works up and down California as well as Mexico.

Submitted by: Ricky Webb, lifelong Merced resident

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