Merced Police Department Now Has License Plate Readers Around Town

Merced Police Department now has Technology that quickly scans license plates is aiming to help Merced Police catch criminals. Drivers coming through parts of town will see some new cameras as they  pass some intersections.

The cameras are license plate readers. The cameras will capture plate numbers which will then be run through a database to determine with the car is stolen or involved in a violent crime. If there’s a hit, officers are notified almost instantly. It would be Ten to 15 seconds, an officer would get a notification on his computer in his or her car that a stolen auto has driven through a certain location.

Police say the cameras aren’t live yet. While they are currently collecting data, the department is still working on putting together a policy before the system is fully up and running.They also say the cameras are solely for fighting crime.

The eight cameras and the system itself cost about $100,000.



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