Review: The Tri-Tipery

ALLmercednews heard great things about the Tri-Tipery, so we decided to try it for ourselves. The Tri-Tipery  is a small and casual eatery located in the small town of Ballico.

It was roughly 1:00 pm when I arrived, so naturally it was pretty busy due to the lunch time rush. It’s ambiance consist of modern meets old western. After looking over the menu, I decided to try their famous Wagon Wheel which was $12.50 (and organic!). As I sat down, I noticed comment cards on the table. These comment cards are there to hear the voices of their customers regarding any suggestions they have for improving their experience at Tri-Tipery. I thought the idea was a great way to make improvements to their restaurant, in addition to showing their customers they care.

Overall, the Tri-Tipery has a unique exterior and interior. There was plenty of room to sit down and enjoy my meal and the food came out of t-he kitchen quickly. My order took no longer than 5 minutes before it reached my table; it looked so simple, but tasted delicious. I have a sensitive stomach, yet the meat didn’t make me sick which is rare at restaurants. I highly recommend the Tri-Tipery, and ALLmercednews gives it a 5/5 rating!

The Tri-Tipery is located at 11359 Newport Rd in Ballico.

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