Merced’s Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park is about ready to open!

You’ve heard the news, seen the hype, and have anxiously been waiting for this day, and it is finally here! Rockin’ Jump, a trampoline park in Merced on Main and R St, is tentatively scheduled to open to the public this Sunday, June 11th, at 11:00 am.

Trampoline dodgeball for the kid in all of us

Rockin’ Jump has numerous trampolines, including some that can be used for dodgeball and basketball, as well as jousting and a rock-climbing wall will entertain the adventurer in everyone. A full-service cafe and dining area as well as a large lounge, five televisions, and four massage chairs help ensure that there is something for everyone to do when they get too tired to jump.

Information flyer for Rockin’ Jump

As you’ll see on the flyer, pricing works by the hour, with some days and some times having discounted prices or special activities. Once you have paid your entry, you have access to everything available without needing to pay to use anything else (unless you want to eat).  Locker rental, massage chairs, and the lounge are all included in the jumping session prices.

Waivers must be completed by every person prior to jumping. They can be completed online (nothing will need to be printed out) or at the park, and will be good for one year. Parents or legal guardians must complete waivers for minors.

For sanitary and safety reasons, every jumper will be required to purchase and wear “Rockin’ Socks.” The socks cost $2.75/pair for low cut, and $8.00/pair for crew cut socks. Everyone who can walk on their own is allowed to jump, however no one with a hard cast will be allowed to jump. All loose items including phones, keys, jewelry, etc are NOT allowed on the trampolines. Because this is a family attraction, foul language and jumping under the influence is not allowed.

Some call this marriage counseling, others call it jousting. The green mat below the orange beam has foam pieces underneath it.

It is about time that Merced finally has something like this for families to be able to go to, and no longer need to travel to Modesto or Fresno to experience the fun that can be had at a trampoline park.

Rockin’ Jump is scheduled to open Sunday, but if any delays occur that change that day, we will let you know. Please keep in mind that, being a new business with new employees, patience is appreciated. Employees were working hard today to continue cleaning and preparing the park for it’s opening debut, and we are sure that there will be a lot of fun going on in this building for years to come!

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