Merced County Board Of Supervisors Honor Kathy Wilber for her Volunteer work at the Los Banos Animal Shelter


Los Banos Volunteers for Animals volunteer Kathy Wilber was honored by the Merced County Board of Supervisors. Kathy has been a volunteer with the Los Banos Volunteers for Animals for approximately 14 years and she puts in, on average 150-200 hours, per month at the Los Banos animal shelter. She assists with ALL projects at the shelter including; cat clinics, adoptions, rescues, and a volunteer spay/ neuter voucher program. Kathy takes shelter animals to our local Petco on Saturdays to assist with adoptions, she cleans the shelter, answers the phones and works closely with our Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer to facilitate the success of our shelter.


Kathy has been president of the Los Banos Volunteers for Animals for two years and remains active in recruiting new volunteers to the group. Kathy is a leader at the Los Banos animal shelter and has been instrumental in keeping the animal save rate in Los Banos and an outstandingly high number over the years, in excess of 80% the last two years.

Kathy is extremely dedicated, very friendly, professional, compassionate, caring and she is a fantastic ambassador for the animal population in Los Banos. Volunteers like Kathy are vital for the success our shelter and she is an inspiration to all those she works with.

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