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Allmercednews received a message regarding the following;

Some “company” has been calling my mom’s phone all day, leaving a message about a security breach with icloud. I called back, and they said,” What did the message say, and I said “the message said security breach,” and then they told me something about changing my password. I explained we don’t have any apple products, and told them to stop calling my mom’s phone. I spoke to them about 5 times, because they kept hanging up on me. I could hear a large amount of people talking in the background, they didn’t ask for my mom’s number to take it off their list. I finally told them that each time they call my mom I am going to call them back 20 times per each time they call her and that Im  reporting them to the FCC. I found online that their number 1-855-218-9579 is not a valid number and it is a spoof number.


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