Help catch suspect acting like a dog instead of a human

On Saturday, March 25, at 10:04 pm, a male suspect decided that, for reasons still unknown to us, toilets were no longer needed for bodily waste.  He went to a porch on the 1400 block of High St in Atwater, pulled down his pants, and left a DNA sample for the homeowners, who have since filed a report with the Atwater Police Department.

If you have any information about the identification of this person (aside from DNA), please contact the Atwater Police Department at 209-357-6380.  Also, it appears that the suspect did not wash his hands, so if you know who this is, you may want to offer some advice about proper pooping procedures and avoid shaking his hand. He obviously needs some education in proper bathroom etiquette and learn that humans don’t mark their territory this way.

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