Merced County Sheriff’s Dept seized $20,000 in marijuana, 65 plants from Goodfellas in Atwater

The Merced County Sheriff’s Department seized more than $20,000 in marijuana, related goods and issued numerous citations to the owner of Goodfellas medical marijuana dispensary on Atwater Blvd for illegal sales and cultivation of marijuana. More charges are expected to be delivered to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office.

The dispensary was shut down for illegally operating without a permit.

“Our biggest goal is to educate the correct way to follow the law regarding marijuana and to grow it responsibly within the law,” said MSO Sgt. Ray Framstad.

Framstad made it clear that in Merced County it is illegal to sell marijuana, regardless of it’s use- medical or recreational.

Citizens in Merced County are allowed to grow up to 12 plants per parcel (residence) for medical consumption and up to six plants for personal, recreational use.

Framstad said the owner of Goodfellas had 65 plants in the illegal dispensary.

In last two weeks Merced County Sheriff’s Department has seized 12,000 plants and 200 lbs of marijuana throughout Merced County at 13 different locations.

Again, it is still illegal to sell and/or profit from the sale of marijuana in any form in Merced County. 

“You can’t set up a shop, you can’t set up a dispensary in Merced County. Period,” said Framstad. 

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