Golden Valley High students learn how investigators use science to solve crimes

Today students from the Golden Valley High Forensic Class and club learned how science is applied to the law in order to help investigators solve crimes. Students interested in Forensic Science discuss different types of evidence throughout the school year including fingerprints, glass breaking patterns, handwriting analysis, how and when someone died, arson, toxicology, and many others.
With the help of School Resource Officer Kieth Rieg, the school set up an accident reconstruction using real vehicles in a head-on collision.
In addition to forensic students from Mrs. Susan Fox’s class, Mr. Fragasso’s Medical ROP students helped out and learned by “triaging” the accident victims. RIGGS ambulance service was also on hand teaching students how to extricate victims safely from the accident.
GVHS Drama students provided actors to play the parts of our victims.
Even culinary arts students has helped as well by providing fake glass (sugar glass) for the scene. Mrs. Fox’s forensic class teams measured and analyzed the scene and drew sketches of the evidence to make a hypothesis about how the accident happened.
“This class itself is a true STEM course that incorporates many different sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, psychology and of course geoometry and engineering aspects.
This annual event has become an interdisciplinary extravaganza incorporating our Forensic class, Medical ROP, Culinary Arts, and Drama. They worked really hard and learned a lot but had fun doing so,” Fox wrote in an e-mail.

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