Merced High could have its own $5 million, 3,500 seat football/soccer stadium

The future stadium would be build in the location of the existing school soccer fields

Last Wednesday, the Merced Union High School District Board of Trustees received an informational presentation on Measure M projects and updates. Measure M was a $149.5 million school facility improvement bond measure passed by 62.5% of the voters in June of 2008. It placed a $30 tax on homeowners for every $100,000 in property value.

Ted Walstrom, Interim Director of Facilities Planning, provided concept information on a $5 million, 3,500 seat, synthetic turf football and soccer stadium.

The $5 million MHS stadium project cannot be funded by Measure M monies. The Merced High Quarterback Club has reached out to donors and have already raised about $1 million for the new stadium.  Currently, Merced High plays all but one of its home games at either Merced College or Veteran’/ Stadium (located at Golden Valley), and having their own stadium would allow them to have all their home football games, as well as soccer games (which was moved to a winter sport this year, creating major problems with keeping the playing fields in playable conditions), and give them their own space for commencement ceremonies, saving a lot of money that they currently expend for rental fees and other expenses every time they use the Merced College Stadium.

The MUHSD School Board must make a decision on if they should look to fund the stadium entirely through donations or propose and approve placing another bond measure in the future for voters. The process of getting a bond on the ballot takes about one year.  Some of the projects a future bond may fund include pools and/or pool renovations at multiple high schools, replacement of aging HVAC units, CTE (Career & Technical Education) buildings at multiple high schools, music room/building renovations at some schools, security fencing at some schools, and more.  The funding of the Merced High Stadium and consideration of getting another bond passed will be discussed at future school board meetings.

Measure M has enabled the district to accomplish many things for our community and the students they serve.  Below is a list of items Measure M has been able to pay for.  Not included in this list but being funded by Measure M are the new gyms currently being constructed at Atwater and Merced High Schools.

El Capitan High School—$91,377,267.24
Livingston High School Enlargement—$14,573,187.22
Livingston High School Playfields—$5,091,667.15
Livingston High School Peach Avenue—$2,641,666.01
Livingston High School Parking Lot—$552,115.81
Atwater High School Ag Building/Shop Renovation—$824,839.78
Golden Valley High School Swimming Pool—$2,410,852.16
Buhach Colony High School Swimming Pool—$2,375,379.92
Merced High School Storm Drainage and Pavement—$454,496.70
Merced High School Quad/Landscape-$104,174.50
Install Security Fencing and Surveillance Cameras (all campuses)—$456,101.54
Merced High School Security Fence—$188,790.73
Buhach Colony High School Greenhouse —$56,279.50
East Campus Educational Center Alarm/Intercom—$350,001.18
Tyler and Gerard Road School Site—$134,367.28
Golden Valley High School Stadium—$6,203,120.39
Atwater High School Gym—$512,435.95 (Planning)
Merced High School Gym—$394,971.66 (Planning)
Atwater High School Replace Drainage and Pavement—$124,153.32
Golden Valley High School Quad—$4,068.20
Capital Facilities Project Manager—$449,641.39

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