Stone Ridge Christian students volunteer in the Community

Last Friday students in grades 7-12 from Stone Ridge Christian and Providence Christian School volunteered throughout the community at numerous locations, including:

Hampshire Retirement Home, Mercy Medical Center, Riggs Ambulance Service, Merced Rescue Mission, Applegate Park Zoo, Castle Air Museum, Merced County Food Bank, Merced Police Department and First Baptist Church.

With the help of Mike Miller (Public Works Manager) the students cleaned up Black Rascal Creek, Restored, and they wrote letters to Soldiers currently serving in the Navy thanking them for their service.

“Almost 200 students took part in this outreach day. Junior High teachers, High School teachers, and parent volunteers also went out and served in this outreach day. We started at 9 am and went to 1:30pm. This is our second year of doing this outreach and look forward to doing it for years to come,” said Teacher and Outreach Coordinator Garrett Martin.

Thanks for helping our community Stone Ridge and Providence!

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