MCSD issues statement on student immigration and privacy protection

Late last week parents of students attending Merced City Schools received a letter from MCSD Superintendent RoseMary Parga Duran regarding the district’s policies about student immigration and privacy.

“Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Merced City School District is deeply committed to educating all of our students and providing them with 21st century learning opportunities to support success throughout their lives. We also want all of our students and their families to feel safe and welcomed at all of our campuses and support facilities, regardless of factors such as immigration status, ethnicity, religion or political beliefs.

We understand there may be concerns due to recent developments nationwide, but we want to assure you that we will continue to protect your child’s safety and privacy rights. Families should know that school districts are generally not required to collect information about a student’s immigration or legal status and that we are required to protect information in student records that could give away their identities. We also want families to know we have programs in place at each campus that are designed to provide a safe and positive school culture for all students.

Parents also have the right to participate in their children’s education regardless of their legal status and are encouraged to do so because engaged parents play an important role in helping their children to be successful and to thrive.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to your site administrators. Together we will work through these challenges and uphold our mission to ensure that every student excels academically, builds character, and is a productive member of our community.


RoseMary Parga Duran, Ed.D.

District Superintendent”

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