Allmercednews attended the 1st Annual Player of the Week luncheon at El huarache. Here we heard aspiring stories and support efforts by S.W.A.G – an organization that helps support high school students transitioning to college through athletic training or academic mentoring.


We heard about Shane Casillas a 16 year old from Stone Ridge High School, a RB/LB who is known for being one of the most versatile athletes for both offense and defense. Isaiah Montanez, a RB/DB from Golden Valley High School, whom at only 17 years of age, has been a part of S.W.A.G since he was a freshman and is continuing to prosper. Seventeen year old LJ Walace from Buhach Colony who plays WR/CB and plans to play at the collegiate level. Irik Dobbins, the athletic16 year old from Buhach Colony contributes to his team as a RB and DB. Lastly, the tough nosed FB will plow anyone in his way – 16 year old Owens Thomas from Stone Ridge High School.


We continue to look forward to the bright, athletic future of our young community.



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