(left) Tom Gomez (right) Kris Ellett
(left) Tom Gomez
(right) Kris Ellett

(Guest article by Stephen)

I have been doing business with Toyotech in Merced, located at 1656 W. 13th Street for a few years now.  Toyotech is a mechanic shop specializing in Toyotas, however they also work on other makes and model vehicles.  I have been taking my vehicles to them for quite a few years now, including my Cadillac.  I have no other ties to this shop other than just being one of their customers.  I asked Allmercednews to post my story because people always ask where they can have their cars worked on and trust the mechanics without being charged an arm and a leg for their service.

I have Toyotech not only regular tune-ups, but on my Toyota I had an issue with the radio shutting on and off on its own.  Originally I took the car to an unnamed Toyota dealership and they couldn’t find the issue but told me they saw nothing wrong.  I took it to them two different times as it was still under warranty but they said nothing was wrong with it.  I took a long shot and went to Toyotech to see if they could figure it out.  Within the hour they called and told me what the issue was and that Toyotas were known for that specific issue.  They were able to fix it and I have been a regular customer ever since.

I know when I go there, I’m getting #1 honest service at a decent price.  “Tom, Kris and Nathen” recently completed the service on one of my cars and I can’t say enough about their work, professionalism and their work completed in such a timely manner.  Tom and Nathen also took the time to answer some questions I had on one of my Ford pickup trucks.

Too often people take their cars in for repairs and find out more was done than needed and often times parts were never replaced.  Take it to Toyotech and know you’re getting the best service possible.

Toyotech is owned and managed by Gene Broussard.  Thank you Gene for running a shop that we can depend on and trust bringing our cars to.  Keep up the great work!




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