At 12:56 a.m., Merced PD Officers took a carjacking report in the area of 2nd and “S” Streets in Merced.  One of two suspects were described as having a shirt over his face and in possession of a shotgun. 
At 1:05 a.m., officers located the victim’s vehicle driven by the suspects.  A short pursuit occurred until the car stopped and two occupants ran from the vehicle in the area of West and Lopes Avenues. One suspect was apprehended after a foot pursuit. They are conducting a yard to yard search in that area for the second suspect.
Anyone in the Lopes and West Avenue area of police presence, please remain inside with doors locked and call Merced Police dispatch at 385-6905 if you hear anything out of the ordinary. 
There was an additional vehicle associated with the suspects that officers also pursued and took one suspect into custody.
We will update this story as new details develop.
*As we listened to this unfold, we want to commend both sergeants and all officers involved.  Everyone worked so smoothly together going in two different directions.  The dispatchers also did a great job keeping track of two pursuits at once.  Great job!

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