On May 30th, 2016 at approximately 12:45 a.m.,  Atwater Police responded to a call of shots fired near the “5 Corners” intersection of Bellevue/First/Shaffer Roads. Initial reports were that subjects departing from the Bobbi’s liquor store following a verbal dispute with the owners and employees fired off a single round. The subjects were reported to be in a silver Ford Mustang last seen leaving the liquor store traveling south on First Street.

APD Officer DL Wisdom located a vehicle matching the description traveling east on Atwater Blvd at California Street. He noted the vehicle was traveling in the #1 lane and as he turned to follow, the vehicle suddenly changed to the #2 lane. He was able to catch up to the vehicle and upon the arrival of APD Officer Mann, initiated an enforcement stop at SP Ave and Station.

The driver, Dillon Boldroff (20), was detained and a “pat-down” search revealed a high capacity gun magazine on his person. A passenger in the vehicle, identified as Toni Estacio, was also detained and admitted to having been involved in a dispute at the liquor store, however denied having knowledge of a firearm being discharged. The rear passenger, identified as Cody Lane (19) was also detained and found to have (2) misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Lane also denied knowledge of the incident. A search of the vehicle failed to reveal a firearm in the vehicle.

APD Officer Mann responded back to the location where Officer DL Wisdom originally observed the sudden lane change and located a loaded 9mm semi-auto firearm. The magazine found on Boldroff was found to also fit the recovered weapon and contained matching ammunition type.

During questioning, Boldroff admitted to having discharged the firearm into the air following a verbal dispute with owners/employees of the store and admitted to discarding the firearm when he observed the officer turn around.

Boldroff was booked into the Merced County Jail for negligent discharge of a firearm, possession of high capacity magazine, possession of a firearm with altered/obscured serial numbers, and petty theft.

Lane was cited and released for his outstanding warrants.

Estacio was released with no charges filed.

Great job to the officers involved for following the trail and locating the firearm that was discarded and apprehending the suspect vehicle.