Merced Police Department

May 13, 2016

MPD Case # 2016-20671

Bimley West, Captain
Office 209-385-8550

For Immediate Release

A Violation of Municipal Code Regulations Resulted in Police Arresting Two Citizens

Date/Time: 4/28/2016 5:24 p.m.

Location: 400 Blk of W. Main Street – Merced, CA

Suspect #1: Jordan Lavarr Lloyd, 19 yrs.
Suspect #2: Bryce Allan Snell, 18 yrs.


Suspect #1 – Resist, Delays, or Obstructs Peace Officers performing an official duty, threatening a police officer, and riding a bicycle on a sidewalk (sidewalk prohibited for riding bicycles)

Suspect #2 – Resist, Delays, or Obstructs Peace Officers performing an official duty

Merced Police Officers were on foot patrol in the downtown area of Central Merced to enforce regulations to protect the safety and peace of patrons in the commercial shopping area along W. Main Street. Citizens are prohibited from riding bicycles and skateboards on the sidewalk to protect the public from bike and skateboards riders colliding in to them, resulting in possible injury to patrons.

Officer Martinez saw Jordan Lloyd riding his bicycle on the sidewalk of W. Main Street. Lloyd was subsequently stopped by Martinez for the Merced Municipal Code violation. Martinez informed Lloyd that it was a violation to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk and that she was going to issue him a citation for the violation. Officer Martinez asked Lloyd for his identification to properly verify his identity. Lloyd refused to give his identification to the officer and then told her to take him to jail. Subsequently, Lloyd was going to ride away on his bicycle and it was at this time that Officer Martinez grabbed Lloyd to prevent him from leaving. Lloyd physically resisted Officer Martinez, refusing to allow her to take him in to custody.

Officer Gonzales arrived on scene to assist Martinez in taking Lloyd in to custody. Lloyd tried to prevent both officers from handcuffing him by actively resisting both officers, but he was subdued and handcuffed. Gonzales demanded for Lloyd to sit down, but again Lloyd resisted and refused to sit down on the sidewalk. Lloyd was forced to sit down on the sidewalk until the arrival of other police officers to assist them with the incident.

During the time that Martinez and Gonzales were struggling to gain control of Lloyd, Snell was moving in close to the officers and it was at this time that Officer Gonzales demanded Snell to get back away from him. At this time, Officer Avery arrived on scene, seeing Officer Gonzales turning towards Snell to demand Snell to “Get back.” Officer Avery then quickly responded to stop Snell, seeing him “only a few feet away from Officer Gonzales.” Subsequently Snell was arrested for crime indicated above.

Both Lloyd and Snell were booked at the Merced County Jail for the above indicated crimes. No one sustained any injuries during this incident.

Merced Police Department appreciate all witnesses who came forward to provide statement to our personnel regarding this incident. Police officials are asking all citizens to cooperate with Law Enforcement Officers as they are just trying to making every effort to provide safer environments for people to enjoy our city.

Bryce Snell Jordan Lloyd