Depression is a problem throughout America, but it is also a major problem in Merced County.  If one person sees this video and decides to hang on and see their problems through, then it was well worth posting.

There are so many calls in Merced County that medical and law enforcement respond to that are overdoses, suicide attempts or someone just thinking of hurting themselves.  It used to happen around the holidays when people felt depressed from being alone.  Now they respond to them daily.

Prince Ea creates videos for many different issues people face in their lives.  It has a bigger impact on those suffering when they hear from someone who has faced the same problems.  As Prince Ea says, “This too shall pass”.

Please watch his video to understand “This too shall pass”.

Suicide Hotline
(800) 734-4458

Youth Crisis Hotline
(800) 488-4663

Merced Mental Health
(209) 381-6800