On April 26, 2016 the Los Banos Police Department in collaboration with California State Parole, and the Merced County Probation Department conducted a series of compliance checks on State Parolees and Merced County Probationers.

During the operation 13 individuals were arrested for outstanding warrants, and violation of probation or parole conditions.

The following individuals were placed under arrest:

1. Gabrael Chavez, Age 29 Violation of probation.
2. Kevin Goudrey, Age 45 Violation of probation and arrest warrant.
3. Damien Cobien, Age 41 Violation of probation.
4. Amber Smith, Age 24 Arrest warrant.
5. Daniel Martinez, Age 29 Violation of probation.
6. Victor Meza, Age 22 Violation of parole.
7. Isaac Rodriguez, Age 23 Violation of probation.
8. Monique Villarreal, Age 21 Violation of probation and arrest warrant.
9. Roberto Contreras, Age 19 Violation of probation.
10. Timothy Garibay, Age 26 Violation of probation.
11. Joshua Turman, Age 22 Violation of probation.
12. Rommel Hurtado, Age 36 Violation of probation.
13. Jose Flores, Age 50 Arrest warrant.

The Los Banos Police Department would like to thank the Merced County Probation Department and State Parole for their assistance during this operation.

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