Thank you Allmercednews for allowing me to address the bullying from MCNTV this one and only time.  I understand you do not support any attacking for others disrespectfully.

First of all, I want to give my side of the story covered by the Enquirer, I mean MCNTV proprietor, Matthew Gonzales, aka Matt Matthews.  I am not going to “beat a dead horse” and review each accusation Gonzales has made or as he claims credits me with bravery (More words to manipulate his audience by not showing his retaliation).

When you engage in rebuttals/arguments with Gonzales, he is like a shark waiting for another feeding that will help raise the number of page viewers, page shares and likes so he can make money and become a successful site.  I am an honest person with God on my side and I will deal with Gonzales’ bullying. Those who know me definitely know my honesty, ethics and they will also stand by me.  But my heart breaks for those who trusted Gonzales with their information and his ill regard for their safety in divulging their identities when they trusted his word that he would not.

Gonzales can’t even get my job title correct even though he was told repeatedly.  I was not an investigator but an investigative assistant. I don’t deny I would like Mr. Morse to vacate his position as the District Attorney so someone else could prosecute crimes.  It would be in the best interest of Merced County in my opinion.

I am an advocate for improving the outlook of Merced County, reducing crime rates and supporting victims.  When I helped Gonzales with MCNTV in early 2014, I answered most of the private messages viewers would send in, either requesting help or offering information on crimes that occurred.  People did gain trust, which resulted in a successful relationship for Merced.

Gonzales began changing his reporting style and we disagreed over posting “graphic” photos of victims, which left family and friends with horrific lasting images of their loved ones amongst other things.  But Gonzales argued saying “that’s what sells.”  He also began printing negatively about law enforcement agencies in which I felt were unsupported and untrue.

Gonzales’ site “MCNTV” gained a lot of popularity in the beginning of his coverage of the D.A. throughout Gonzales filing a recall petition against him.  What Gonzales failed to report to his viewers was that even though he was reminded continually about meeting filing deadlines, Gonzales failed to file the proof of service on time and the recall petition was thrown out.
He then moved to the San Francisco area and was no longer a Merced County resident and could not refile the petition.  A lot of work by local residents obtaining signatures and such were let down by Gonzales’ failure to uphold the trust of those that supported him.

I recently helped new volunteers of a Facebook page and news website called allmerced news and  This is when Gonzales began what I call bullying me by lying as he twists, turns and adds his own information as usual to his stories.  I also told him there was enough news for all of us to share.  This is an excerpt from Gonzales’ e-mail sent to me on 1/24/16, after I asked him to please stop trying to bully me or I would be forced to take legal action:  “The first two stories received HUGE numbers of views and my new team and I realize there is a treasure trove more from you and this is what is needed to ensure we crush our competition. Right now I have very little competition out there but it’s important to ensure we stay on top.”

Then Gonzales sent this to one of the volunteers he thought was going to return to MCNTV:  “People like me who have sweated blood and tears for two years to build this.  Also, Sandy fed all of that DA bs to me to post and when I said that was it, well she found a new mouth piece with your group. But I am working on a wonderful story about her and her feeding the DA bull shit to us to hurt MCNTV News. I have plenty to show the public so they can understand that she has just moved with Jon to start another MCNTV News hate page.”

Matt Gonzales has been publishing negativity on the D.A. since at least 2009, and I met Gonzales in 2014.  I left his page long ago and he is still posting about the D.A.  Not all of the information regarding the D.A. was from me. Nor is there or will there be any information about the D.A. on the new site of allmercednews.  His accusation of me using another site for an “MCNTV News hate page” is also a lie.   Refer to Gonzales’ You Tube videos  against Morse from 2009 if he hasn’t deleted them.

I also need to clarify that I have no knowledge about what Gonzales claimed regarding Chief Pat Lunney “gunning it” and trying to evade law enforcement in Los Banos.  That was unfair and as far as I am aware, untrue accusation against Chief Lunney by Gonzales.

I’ve worked a lot of years in Merced with ethics and honesty and I take pride in my reputation and relationships with local law enforcement and others.  I will no longer view MCNTV’s trash site or respond to Gonzales’ feeble attempt to become a “success” at someone else’s expense.

The images posted are two separate things from Gonzales. The one on the left is an excerpt from one of his posts to his website regarding why he continues his site. On the right is a message he sent when he was fed up with his site and messages.  Please don’t support bullying!

Thank you,