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Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the Veteran owned and run Eagle Tattoos and body piercing located at 47 Alexander Ave. in Merced. It is a quaint conveniently located establishment. Upon arrival staff is friendly and welcoming, immediately making you feel comfortable, which is so important when you are choosing a place to get your art work done. For many, this can be a nerve racking venture, but at Eagle Tattoo they ease those nerves with their top rate customer service and professionalism. They are extremely clean and sanitary which is a number one priority when choosing an establishment to get your artwork done. Lastly, they are amazingly talented and reasonably priced. As a lover of tattoos and all expressions of art, I would definitely recommend Eagle Tattoo to anyone in the market so stop on by.  Find them on facebook (search for Eagle Tattoos and body piercing) to view some of the work they do. You can call 209-724-0405 to schedule your appointment today. Mention this article and get 10% off. Also, they will be having a Valentine’s day special for you sweethearts during the month of February:

4×4 matching tattoos (black and grey) $100 , and $60 names (black and grey)