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Some people have asked how we are able to bring you the current happenings around Merced so quickly. The scanner pictured below, or others like it, can be purchased at many places. This particular scanner in the picture was purchased through Amazon about four or five years ago. By monitoring the frequencies used by local police departments, fire departments, Sheriff, CHP, Riggs, and other agencies, we are able to alert our readers about situations almost immediately. We provide this service so you can not only know if you need to avoid certain areas (like road closures), stay inside (like police looking for a criminal loose in your neighborhood), answer that question (why did I just see three cop cars zooming down the street?), but mainly so you know what is going on in your community.

We can pretend we live in a perfect world where crime doesn’t exist and everyone spends their free time chasing rainbows and butterflies, or we can understand that crime happens and the only way to put a stop to it is to first acknowledge the fact it exists and then take a stand as a community and do whatever we can to prevent crime from happening. That being said, we are a group of volunteers who all have jobs, families, and other commitments that keep us from having our ear glued to a scanner 24/7 and telling you every little thing that occurs. If we hear of anything happening that we think you would like to know about, we will do our best to share that with you. We will also do our best to provide you with updates, but sometimes updates aren’t provided over the radios and we won’t know anything until we receive a press release, or until our reporters get a chance to talk with people who were there.

If you see something you think we should alert readers to, or you have pictures or upcoming events you’d like us to share, please send a message! We will read and respond to all messages, and as you’ve probably noticed by now, we love showing off all the good and positive things that are happening in our community!